Resource Title

This is where you can put a description of the resource. This is also where you can put links to external websites or embed images for download if you want the image to show.

To add a link, click on the ‘link’ button above. Enter the full URL into the URL box and then enter a description under the ‘link text’. click on the Add Link button. For example, you could link to our website with a comment like: Please visit Excel Software Services to find out more about the company that added this post.

To embed an image, click on the Add Media button above. Browse to the image and upload it. In the right side of the screen, you can optionally fill out a caption and other details. Then click on the ‘Insert into Post’ link.

Alternate Text
This is the caption

This is a new member resource

I am attaching this file.  This is the description that will show above the download link.  It should give a brief explanation of the file contents.

And example member resource

Downloadable PDF file

This is a downloadable PDF file for members.  YOu can enter a description and then attach a file down below.

Test resource embedded image

This is an image you can show on the screen and allow them to download.

Test Resource

test resource

Test Resource

Test Resource

Test Resource

Just testing a resource to test pagination