ADA Biographies Review

Instructions for Review and Correction of ADA Biographies

1. View the INDEX file. (click here to view INDEX file)

2. Locate your name from the alphabetic listing and note the page number.

3. View the BIOGRAPHIES file to scroll to the page of your name listing. (view the BIOGRAPHIES file)
Note: It is a very large file so it may take a few minutes to load.

4. Check if your biography is indicated as missing or if there are any changes needed such as errors, omissions, or updates, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE THEM ON THE SITE as they will not be captured. We prefer if you retype the entire biography with the needed changes in Microsoft Word (Not PDF) and send it to Julie Odessky at [email protected].

5. Also, check if your photograph is indicated as missing or if you would like to substitute a different photo please send it in a jpeg format to Julie as well.



Please feel free to point out errors or omissions in the biographies of others, especially our more senior members.
The book will go to press on August 16 so all changes must be received before then.
Thanks for your help in bringing this important project to fruition.

David Pariser, ADA Historian